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It has been reported that the average social networking gamer is a 43-year old women living in the United States. This is not the notion I previously had. I would have thought the average social networking gamer would be the annoying thirteen-year old that does nothing but sit in their basement on the computer. Surprisingly it is not, but instead is the loving mother that just cooked dinner and cleaned the dishes. But after her motherly duties, she takes some time for herself and plays FarmVille.

I personally have never seen the appeal in social networking games such as Farmville, it seems too time consuming and not worth the time it would consume.

It makes sense that these games should be primarily played by this demographic, they are shorter games and usually played amongst friends. The average 43-year-old women doesn’t have enough time to pillage lands in World of Warcraft but can easily play a game on a social networking site for fifteen to twenty minutes. These games are usually friendly and harmless as well, wherein FarmVille the extent of  what you can do is grow crops or trade livestock.


Lets just hope our mothers don’t abandon their duties to play computer games, what a flip-flop of a world that would be!


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